Our Difference Is Faultless:

Family-owned since 1896.

A scrub solutions guarantee for the highest staff satisfaction.

Custom peer performance reporting.

The only medical laundry with all the certifications in this region.

Certified Clean Green.

Highly rated customer service.

Audit readiness.

Exceptional product quality.

Clean and Safe Healthcare Laundry Service

Faultless Healthcare Linen is a healthcare linen-only laundry service provider with certified best practices that manage costs as we make sure your medical laundry is safe and clean.

The only company in Missouri and Kansas with all of these critical certifications – Hygienically Clean, HLAC, Infection Control University, as well as Clean Green, Faultless Healthcare Linen provides compliance assurance and competitive superiority in our use of technology, inventory tracking and custom PPAPD reporting that helps you see how you compare to peer so you can better control linen use and cost.

Faultless Delivers So Much More Than Laundry

Faultless can now help you with your direct purchase scrub and lab coat needs.

Direct Purchase

Faultless Healthcare Linen Facilities

With state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment, our plants apply the latest in industry innovation and have been HLAC accredited.

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Take a virtual tour of our four facility locations. The two Kansas City area locations serve a 100-mile radius. The two St. Louis area locations serve a 150-mile radius.

For information on the Hamilton Linen and Uniform plant in Denver, visit their website.

Kansas City, MO Facility
Kansas City, KS Facility
154 S. Trudeau, STL Facility
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